Camera settings DSLR Part-I


Today we will tell you some of the camera settings that you need to know. If you know these settings, you can put more creativity into your photography which you click on the photo. A good photo comes when you know how to make the camera’s good setting, then you can make a good photo. The camera is not necessarily expensive from your camera. You can also take a nice photo of a basic camera and a basic lens. But for that,

you need to know the camera settings. After this, you can do professional photography. The basic settings of the camera are known to most people but here we want to tell you even further advance, then you should read it carefully and apply it practically by doing it.

Setting problem

How many people have said that their photos are not good, their photos get blurred, and if the object is not right then sometimes some part of the object is correct and something like that is said. Some people also say that when he If you go out to take a photo somewhere, then the lights are more in their photos and they are not able to do their settings better and sometimes it will decrease the light.

Sometimes it happens that the photo gets burnt, so what can be its territory. This is the question of most people. Today we will talk on this topic today. This happens due to our camera’s setting is not right.

Set shutter speed

How to set up the shutter speed, if your photo gets better, then it will have to understand it. What is the shutter speed in the actual? We tell you when we turn on the camera, then in a room in our room you see something written like this. 1 / 150,1 / 80,1 / 180,1 / 200 something like this, this is called shutter speed. This means that, as long as your shutter will be open,

it will capture it as long as it is well and as soon as possible it will be able to capture the work better. Most of the time it is true that shutter speed is not too much nor very little If so, it will be very good. Because doing so, you will be able to click a good photo. If we reduce shutter speed. Mean 1/160 to 1/80, then the shutter will open for a short while then it will be closed.

If we reduced the shutter speed to 1/80 to 1/160 then the shutter will open for longer. This may bring good light in the photo, but the photo may also be blurred. That’s why shutter speed should be high. Yes, if you are taking photos by placing it on the dry port, then Agra will keep the after even lower then the photo will be correct but

if you are holding the photo in your hand, keep the photo more than the shutter because I think there is probably no one Whose hand does not move at all Normally you are a little too shaken of everyone. So while keeping the camera in your hand, taking photos, it will be good to keep the shutter speed above 160.

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