Camera Settings DSLR Part-II

Types of Lens

you should have a good lens, professional lens and the second option is that the camera you are using. The option of image stabilization has been given in it.

Note that the image stabilization option is available in the kit lens, which is the Normal option, you can not click the better photo in it. So you should also have an image stabilization option inside your camera and also the option of VR in the lens.

shoot a video by turning VR into it, then there are more chances to get blurred. That’s why it would be better if your lens is a professional lens. So you will get less blurring options in the photo.

There are many types of blur. It would be as if you keep the photo clear and blur the background.

Sometimes it happens that the person we are taking photographs is showing blurring in it, whereas we only need to blur the background, what happens in this condition, we have kept our shutter speed low, what will happen in it?

As we mentioned, this setting will bring light in the photo, but if your hand shakes or moves a little bit then the photo is very blurred. So, we will increase the shutter speed and then click again, the better the picture will come.

Standard Rule

If we talk So, we can keep 1/160 in the standard setting, what will happen in it and if you are taking a photo then if your hand shakes between that then your photo will not appear blur because the shutter will open quickly and stop

The photo will be good, it does not get much trouble, a little bit of trouble will come. Correct it along with it. Set up the ISO if the photo is darker then increase the ISO and if it is too light then reduce the ISO

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