Lighting effects in photography Part-II

you can use simple and cost-effective light. which led light to want to you. please very carefully choose them and use them. 

Use Simple led light Part-III

You should also have a low light camera. It is very important. Then you will be able to do good photography. Flash should be good for good photography. The camera should be good. You should have a proportional backup. And you should have new creativity in your mind and you should also be prepared for the prop.


You can also use Canon’s camera also use Nikon for good photography. March 2, March 3 and Fiber DSR 5D SR is very best camera, but even lower range cameras can be better for you, in which many types of lenses come in You can use whatever you want, you can also see who will be the best, if you can use a 50mm lens then it will be great because the 50mm lens is in focus. Own focus has to be on his own is not an option to go ahead and because behind it to focus Moreover, he will be very good and it cleared your object so that you will be photographed.

If you want you can use all of the focus and you can use the same 18 to 135 lenses and you can also use many different types of lenses which are there besides this. And try to see what’s best for you. You will experiment. So you will know that your camera catches your lenses very well, and you will know which lens is a good result when you use it in your home.

Manual mode setting

Shutter – 90

ISO – 600

W / B – 3500


We will keep the white balance down so we have said that it is inserted that whatever the maximum is inserted, it will look more than that, that would be a good effect if the white balance is more then it will not be so that we consider better to keep weight balance lower Are

Set up will be something like this in the way our object is standing and in front of that, I will flash the flashlight which we had told above or above its head LED flashlight on it so that the face can be seen that it is not dark. The face of the object will come clear, and we will insert a light from the second and the object behind which we have spoken the flash,

which will be in the ratio 1: 1. We will put off the flesh behind it and take a photo with this kind of camera setting and almost all the people who we have to show in that photo will be clear. The blue effect will be very clearer in that photo, you can see it now.



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