Lighting effects in photography Part-I

The lighting effect is given in many ways, and its results come in different ways. You can put the effect of Blue Lite and if you want to show some warm effect, then you can use red light. If you use this light with the red light in red light then a very good result will come. The result comes from a red 20 effective ways to learn photography without going to photography …light on the hair. 

It is highly interactive that creates a lot of creativity. Most red light and green light have the effect of use. People use different types of lighting effects according to their choice of people.

Use Simple led light

In this, you should get a LED LED small or no one will run. Try that it will be better if you get bigger, apart from that, you need an off-flesh, which is also very expensive to sing, even if it is cheap, any simple TTL or even without TET can take it. LED lights that will not work even if it is too expensive. But be fine, which could give a proper light. You will not need any filter light in it. The trigger can use flash. In this, you can find any fine flash by searching in the market.

Use Simple led light Part – II

Which can work on both the camera and off camera? In the market, there are so many flashes available in the market, and there are lots of brands too. You can take a nice flat of them according to your budget. And you can also get help from the shopkeeper. Whatever you get in the right rate according to your budget, it will also show you and tell you that it will be right for you.

Some trusted flash name, pics

Nikon Speedlight SB-5000

Osaka Camera TTL Flash Speedlite Speed

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