Product photography begainner tips

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Which is the beginner photographer in product photography? One major mistake is that products do shoots with wide-angle lenses. Keep in mind that you will never use the Wide Angle Lens in the Product Product.

Choose the best
leans for product photography

If you have Nikon user so uses this M 105 f 2.8 micro leans

If you can use this 100 mm leans

Then you achieved a very good result in product photography.

You want to work as a professional product photographer.

Use a tripod in Product photography

When you do product photography that time you shoot your product from every angle Then you realized that you are looking good in the image Many times we have to do product shoots at Slow Shutter Speed ​​while doing product suits. So the tripod helps us in it.

Shoot Via Tethering

Friends, when you do product photography, then try to attach your camera to your laptop. So that every click can be checked by checking on the big screen to check whether the photo is clear or not, and can click again. If you do not keep your camera connected to your laptop, you will need to remove the card and put it in a computer or laptop and remove the data from it to check that the photo is correct. Then you have to put the camera back in the card. It will be very bad in your time. So you want to use

Lighting in Product photography

It is said, there is nothing in product photography without lighting. That’s why if you have a good knowledge of lighting, you can become a good photographer. If you do good lighting in product photography, your photo will look very beautiful, clear and irresponsive. Show the best lighting in your product photography. If you have a good understanding of the lighting effect. By the way, light plays a very important role in the field of photography, but it is not possible to do lighting without product photography.

Shoot different angle in product photography

Whenever you do product photography, keep one thing in mind that you can maximize the angle, take 1-2 clicks from every angle. This will benefit from the fact that when your client sits to select a photo with you, he will get lots of photos. Then he realized that you have spent quite a lot of time and hard work in photography of his product. You also know your mistakes at product photography. You’ll give your mistakes and you’ll be doing better product photography.

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