The most familiar Sparrow bird photography


Sparrow is a very beautiful bird. Sparrow body is very small, it has around 4 inches to 6 inches around the body. Sparrow looks very beautiful insight and straight forward to are very cute birds In almost all villages of India, they also know the name of the Gauraiya.

what are the children in the village who are very dear to them They have small children, they play with them. This work is easily seen because their population is more in the village and the cities are less visible in these birds, the birds and the birds of India are the best and beautiful birds in all the birds.

Believe and love them all, they look very beautiful to see their babies also look very nice to see the light gray and light dark brown And there is a little white color in their body. Their texture and color are very lovely. They are often found in the village of India. They are seen in every house in the village of India.

Nests of a sparrow bird

They make their nests in the houses of that village in India’s village. Still some houses are found that are made of grass clusters which we call huts, they easily make their nests because they make nests by them and Even grass is straw and where it is made, the grass is made of pallets so that their nests are prepared very easily. It is often seen and making a new nest, someone can make it at some place. Sometimes, to make their nest, they make their own nest on the Neem tree, but they usually make their nests in the homes, its advantage is that they are easily here people, because of sparrow happy lives with the around human being.

Food of sparrow

There are also food items like Roti Rice, wheat pulses, which are found in the house, they are easily found and they also eat it from the plate and the villagers of India do not even accept them as liars. It is believed that there is a vegetarian bird and it does not eat anything at all, and today except rice-wheat lentils and food items, which humans we eat, normal people who eat vegetarian, Students are considered to be beautiful and holy, therefore, their false people eat.

The most beautiful baby of a sparrow  bird

The baby girl of Sparrow’s child is very dear to me. They also eat and feed their children and take away their children when they grow up, they start flying with them and those who eat it also eat them. They follow them, they also seem to have children and eatables. After some days, about 10 to 15 months later, they also start flying in the open sky and then very little in their jaws. Come back and start eating out and eat it from here on.

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